Vampire Survivors

V-Rising Enhanced

Vampire Survivors' Realm

Server Features

Clan size 2 (Duo)

Leveling and Mastery system

Open World PvP, No Castle Raids

New Special Weapons/Gear

Legendary T4 Boss Castle Gems

Special Boss Events and Boss Castles

600 Starting HP, less HP from Gear

Gear takes less damage from PvP deaths

1.4x Increased resource gain and enemy loot drops

2x Faster crafting and refining

2x Double the Item stack size

Lower level punishment system

Castle Settings

Only 1 castle heart with a 700 floor limit, 2 castle hearts for a clan 

 Castle heart can last 9 days at tier5 before decaying

 10 servants but slightly less loot, 20 total for 2 hearts 

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