Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Update – Gloomrot 3.5

-Discord Server- Added a new “Events” Tab, this tab is where all in-game events are shared such as Boss Castle, World Boss and Dungeon Castle! Added the @VamBot back into the server now that the ⁠🔹︱𝙻ive_𝙶ame_𝙲hat is FINALLY working again! keeps you updated with whatever happening in-game Added a Vampire Survivors Website for the RPG […]

Vampire Survivors Update – Gloomrot 3.4

-Discord Server- Added a ⁠🔹︱𝚅ip-rewards tab and channel for those who wanna help support the server! -World Dynamics System- We finally have the World Dynamics working! We will finally be able to make progress on the World Bosses and Dungeon Castle (PvE form of the Boss Castle) for everyone to enjoy! With World Dynamics Factions […]

Vampire Survivors Update – Gloomrot 3.3

Mastery Changes- Removed Spell Cool Down from Claw (Unarmed) since its able to cast faster it spells went on cooldown faster. Giving you 2-3 seconds of spell cooldown with claw mastery, this was a simple oversight Nerfed Claw Move Speed from 0.4 to 0.3 (same speed as a Legendary Weapon) (!NOTE! Bloodline or Mastery can […]

Vampire Survivors Update – Gloomrot 3.1

-Bloodline XP-You will now gain Bloodline from any bloodtype not just the same bloodtype or only bosses, you can still farm bosses but now you can also kill anything and gain bloodline! This should help with how slow bloodline lvls since the only farm was boss farming –Mastery Changes-Claw/unarmed – Slightly Nerfed Attack Speed (Cast […]

Vampire Survivor Update – Gloomrot 3.0

-Bloodline Changes-Buffed most Bloodlines to make them a better for pvp/pve. Some stats start at 0 others unlock once you hit 50 or 100 in your bloodline Warrior Blood aka Ilvris Scholar Blood aka Hadubert Brute Blood aka Nytheria Creature Blood aka Arwen Mutant Blood aka Semika -Mastery Changes-Weapons at this moment are being split […]