Vampire Survivors

-Bloodlines System- Bloodline works off your Blood Type, to see your Bloodline at any given time, type “.bl get” or “.bl get all”

  • You will earn Bloodline to the blood type you are using at the time of killing (If you use Brute Blood, you will gain Brute Bloodline).

The first stats kick in at 0%, some stats kick in at 50/100% Warrior Blood aka Ilvris

Fire Resist: 25
DamageVsBeast: 7

Scholar Blood aka Hadubert

Garlic Resist: 25
Physical Resist: 2

Brute Blood aka Nytheria

Silver Resist: 25
Attack Power: 10
Attack Speed: 4
Physical Resist: 2

Rogue Blood aka Aya

Sun Resist: 25
DamageVsHumans: 7

Worker Blood aka Rei

Resource Yield: 50
DamageVsMechanical: 7

Creature Blood aka Arwen

Holy Resist: 25
DamageVsUndead: 7
Spell Resist: 3

Mutant Blood aka Semika

Attack Power: 8
Spell Power: 8
Health Regen: 7
Spell Resist: 3
Physical Resist: 2