Vampire Survivors

-Discord Server- Added a ⁠🔹︱𝚅ip-rewards tab and channel for those who wanna help support the server!

-World Dynamics System- We finally have the World Dynamics working! We will finally be able to make progress on the World Bosses and Dungeon Castle (PvE form of the Boss Castle) for everyone to enjoy! With World Dynamics Factions will level up and become stronger when killed to often, this makes units slightly harder over time but also gives you more XP, Mastery and Bloodline for those vamps that like farming hardcore! Units will slowly go back to normal if left alone for some time. Every Faction that is affected by this system is listed down below

  • Silverlight
  • Harpy
  • Elemental
  • Cursed

-World Boss- This is a Random Unit that has very high stats making it very strong and hard to kill, it will have special rewards for the first vamp to kill it

-Dungeon Castle- This is a PvE form of the Boss Castle but with stronger/harder units inside the castle. You can take as LONG as you want and as many items as you want (beside bombs or golems) inside this castle. Once you die inside the castle, you will lose ALL items you had and rewards you looted. You will have to clear all 4-5 Bosses to leave the Dungeon Castle, we will be making a waiting list for anyone wanting to do the Dungeon Castle, it will be 1-2 vamps a day (solo or duo) you will need 1 Golden Keys per vamp to enter -Bug fixes- Fixed issue where Xp wasn’t shared between clan members

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