Vampire Survivors

-Discord Server- Added a new “Events” Tab, this tab is where all in-game events are shared such as Boss Castle, World Boss and Dungeon Castle! Added the @VamBot back into the server now that the ⁠🔹︱𝙻ive_𝙶ame_𝙲hat is FINALLY working again! keeps you updated with whatever happening in-game Added a Vampire Survivors Website for the RPG Server ⁠🔹︱𝚅𝚂_website

-World Dynamics System- Removed Bosses from the System, making them possible for newer vamps to get their spells and building unlocked

-World Boss- World Boss will spawn everyday at 4pm PST, more info can be found here ⁠🌌︱𝚆orld_𝖡oss -Dungeon Castle- Dungeon Castle will be fully finished sometime this week and signups will be starting sometime next week for anyone wanting to jump into the PvE Boss Castle for loot and t4 gems, any info on the Dungeon Castle can be found here ⁠🐉︱𝖣ungeon_𝙲astle

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