Vampire Survivors

-World Boss Changes-

  • The world boss is going to be a No Rules against Teaming zone! The reason behind this is because it will be VERY HARD to regulate with tons of vamps and swapping between PoVs while also staying on the boss fight only makes things harder. World Boss Events are a Free For All Zone, come at your own risk
  • The World Boss will now drop 2 t4 Gems as well as 5 t3 gems on death, rewards are no longer on last hit

-Boss Castle-

  • Tonight we did a test with the Boss Castle with the rule of “soft teaming” most as well as ourselves didn’t like this to much and will be keeping the rules against teaming in the boss castle. If someone is already in a fight and you join that fight you will be at fault. 2v2 is okay 2 solos against a clan of 2 is okay and 2v1 is also okay

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